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Why Focus on Marcom?

Hint: It’s Not Just About ROI

Perhaps you’re wondering about the benefits of investing in your marketing communications. How will it improve your venture? What’s the value proposition?

Intro to SBC

In a nutshell, the services teased in the vid above streamline your efforts so that…

  • Your operations run more efficaciously.
  • You can better target your messaging to your desired audience.
  • You sharpen your brand.
  • You can be confident that you’re on top of things.
  • You make more money in the long run.

…which, in turn, can result in more and better engagement with prospects and customers. It’s nice to have differentiation and a competitive advantage.

And, I’m pretty sure I never heard of anyone with a financial interest in a company say, “No thanks — I don’t want to fill the coffers more. I’m good.” Appropriate marcom investment can be good for the bottom line.

Popular Marcom Projects & Services

Communications needs are dependent on the unique characteristics of your venture. We can develop a personalized plan to meet your goals. Below are some ideas of what we can do — just to get the synapses firing.

Content & Platform Development

  • Building Websites, Intranets, Online Communities, and Collaboration Sites
  • Writing Copy for Webpages, Emails, Internal Communications & Org Announcements, Marketing Collateral, and Newsletters
  • Creating Social Media Posts
  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Writing Video Scripts
  • Ghostwriting
  • Drafting Community Guidelines
  • Developing Style Guides
  • Developing Process Documentation
  • Copy Editing & Proofreading
  • Performing Photo Selection
  • Performing Web & Print Content Reviews

Planning & Ongoing Support

  • Providing Website Administration
  • Administering & Moderating Communities
  • Managing & Auditing Content
  • Managing Video Hosting
  • Managing Localization
  • Facilitating Knowledge Management and Information Architecture & Mapping
  • Critiquing Websites & Digital Products
  • Assisting with SEO
  • Creating Email Templates
  • Creating Campaign and Project & Program Plans
  • Developing Strategies for Communications, Content, and Gamification & Engagement
  • Editorial Calendaring & Social Media Scheduling
  • Developing & Documenting Processes
  • Creating Marketing Support Frameworks
  • Implementing Marketing Automation

Mentoring & Education

  • Customized Marcom Coaching
  • SEO Guidance
  • Copywriting Coaching
  • Automation & Productivity Tips
  • Branding & Messaging Cohesion
  • Marcom Strategy & Management Techniques
  • Accountability Coaching

Are You Ready to Up Your Marcom Game & Boost Your Biz?

Well, geez — I hope the answer to that is a big, round, juicy, “Hells yeah!” In that case, let’s chat about what’s going on in your business. I’m sure we can find plenty of ways we can get all those trend lines ticking in the right direction.

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