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πŸ‘‹ Hey, if you’re looking for tools and resources galore β€” this is where it’s at! SBSF is all about equipping small business folx with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to thrive. That’s why you’ll find a wide range of resources that:

Developing the expertise and gaining the tools needed to streamline and better manage your biz with less effort doesn’t have to be so damn hard or a solo slog.

Looking for empowerment and balance in your biz? This membership is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who’re interested in a holistic approach to biz, sustainable business solutions, and work-life equilibrium. It explores the intersections of business, technology, and culture and offers resources and community to support your journey.
You’re creating content β€” website copy, blog posts, video scripts, marketing materials, emails, product descriptions, etc. With this economical membership, you get professional 1:1 assistance (proofreading, light editing/rewriting, recommending improvements, and asynchronous mentoring) to help improve your content and your skills.

Planners & Trackers, Anyone?

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And, Some Templates & Quick Reference…

Stop making these big bizcomm blunders! This guided workbook highlights frequently made errors and how to fix/prevent them. With checkboxes, room for notes, prompts to assess your business’s communications, and more β€” getting started and marking progress is a breeze.
Want to be a better communicator so you can find greater biz success? This user-friendly resource will help! It provides must-know info about business communications and why and how to leverage your newfound knowledge to make your communications more effective and efficient.

And, Some Keystone Trainings…

You’re ALWAYS communicating. So, even people who aren’t in “communications” roles can benefit from expanding their awareness and knowledge of bizcom topics. In this fast-but-full training, you’ll learn communications fundamentals that can help you level up your business.
AI is fast becoming ubiquitous β€” but do you really know-know what it is? This training, which you can do in less than an hour, hits all the big points so that you can be a savvier user of AI. With a better understanding of AI, you can leverage it to greater advantage and reap enhanced business rewards.
Is the AI-generated content you’re using any good? Is it serving your biz the way you really want it to? Could you make it better, and how? Attend this on-demand training to find out! Plus, get valuable bonus resources to help you take quick-wins action.

More Great Solutions

What if you could improve the quality of your biz comms while simultaneously streamlining your whole approach to it? This user-friendly resource enables you to quickly create comprehensive, cohesive, and consistent communications program, project, and content briefs.
Do email marketing? (Hint: You probably should be!) This guided template sets you up to bulk draft email copy faster and more easily. You and your biz could use that little boost, right? And to start saving your mind, minutes, and money ASAP. #efficiencyguru #productivitywins
If you’d describe your inbox as “nightmare-inducing” or your email management approach as “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?” β€” you’ll love this guide. It offers easy ways to take and stay in control of your inbox so it doesn’t suck your soul dry. Helpful bonus materials included.
Thinking of launching your own podcast but aren’t sure where to start? Then this resource is for you! Organized as sectioned-out info and logical checklists, it clearly and simply lays out a framework for creating your overall podcast as well as for developing individual episodes.
Podcasts are a lot of work with a lot of moving parts. This planner-tracker will help you stay on track through all stages of planning, producing, and promoting your overall podcast as well as individual episodes. Built on Airtable = loads of power and flexibility! Arriving by Q1 2025.
Work/life balance and workplace wellness aren’t urban myths. But they are things one has to work at, ironically…. This set of planner/tracker sheets β€” which you can use over and over again β€” can help you organize, establish, and pursue a personalized self-care regimen.

Freemium Goodies

Here’s a treat β€” these value-packed resources cost as little as $0. Basically, you pay what you think they’re worth and you can afford. Grab ’em for free if ya want!

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