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A Simple Approach to Meet You Where You’re At

Recreating the wheel is a waste of time and effort in your biz. Instead, leveraging tried-and-true techniques is the way to go.

Even better, though, is tweaking mainstay models so that they serve modern small businesses. That’s why SB Success Factor’s signature framework β€” Learn Assess Plan Do Check (lovingly shortened to LAPDC) β€” is so practical and powerful. It’s there for you throughout your business’s (or project’s) lifecycle.

LAPDC helps you stay organized, focused, and mobilized. It helps you find direction, cover all the bases, and keep moving forward.


Build your skills and knowledge so you’re equipped to help your biz thrive.


Audit and evaluate your current situation so you can set benchmarks and gauge progress.


Brainstorm, ideate, and strategize β€” roadmap your way to greater business success.


Take action, every task getting you closer to meaningful milestones and goals.


Measure and review to see if your biz is heading in the desired direction so you can adjust course if needed.

Striving, But With Balance & Empowerment in Mind

According to some smartypants, you can’t pour from an empty cup. And it’s hard to enjoy your accomplishments if attaining them has cored you like a pineapple.

That’s the difference between success and thriving. Getting the professional results and outcomes you want while still maintaining or accentuating the lifestyle you want and deserve.

With SBSF as your sidekick, you can work towards this aspiration with support. (Because manifesting can only get you so far, amiright?)

Let’s embark on this journey together and create something extraordinary for you!

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