24/10/01-24/11/01 Q4 FREEmuim Bundle Hosted by SBSF

Shift Your 2025 Biz Planning into Hyperdrive!

Details TBD. This bundle aims to give you tools that’ll help you plan and prep for 2025 biz success like a total bad@ss with ample time to learn and leverage them.

The target date is sometime in Oct/early Nov 2024. This bundle will def happen before you start getting crushed by Black Friday offers, pre-Black Friday offers, and pre-pre-Black Friday offers. We don’t wanna add to the mayhem! (Speaking of which….)

This bundle will have a FREE tier and a paid tier. Each level will have different — but killer — resources that address various areas, functions, and tasks

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Thanks, y’all! Have a great day!

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